Change Your Mindset Change Your Life by John Douglas

Change Your Mindset
Change Your Life

You are about to discover the six simple steps that when implemented will change your life. "After reading hundreds of self-help books and attending countless seminars, I was still at a loss for exactly where to begin the journey of transformation, both personally and professionally. My intention in writing this book was to take what I have learned, once I'd tested and proven that the knowledge worked in real life and produced measurable results, then simplify the process, organising the information so anyone could apply it if they are truly committed to breaking through old beliefs and barriers and by taking that first step awaken the drive and passion discovering and utilising the amazing potential we all process.

When you make the decision to learn, repeat and integrate this knowledge you will possess the skills and influence to develop and become an outstanding leader in your role as a human being, parent, student, business owner, employee or executive, by deciding to take responsibility for your actions and results this will enable you to claim the fulfilment, happiness and abundance life has to offer every one of us. This choice is, always has been, and always will be yours, if you really care about yourself and those you love, who depend on you for guidance and leadership the time for change is now... Why wait?"

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About John Douglas

John Douglas

John John Douglas's extensive education and decades of real-life business experience combine to deliver a potent coaching combination; one which sees him transform individuals and businesses through not only insightful knowledge but real-life hands-on experience.

Enhancing John Douglas's real-life business acumen is a plethora of educational achievements. John Douglas holds a Diploma in Building and Masters accreditations in Business Coaching and Psychology. He is also an internationally certified Neuro Linguistic Practitioner, Ericsonian Hypnotherapist, Time Line Therapist, Accredited Tony Robbins / Cloe Madanes Strategic Intervention Coach and is trained in Marriage Education and Divorce Prevention.

It is John Douglas's vast education and experience, combined with his unwavering passion for empowering clients that are seeing him emerge as our nation's leading Strategic Performance Consultant. His mission is to teach people to develop themselves using effective strategies that transforms their lives and creates powerful change.

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